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We started out with MemberPortal to be the ONE STOP SOLUTION for all the membership needs. We wanted to provide value for the money you pay and come out with a platform that serves its purpose profoundly.

The Pro version of MemberPortal does all that. We have ensured that with this upgrade, you use your time working on the content instead of building up the membership site.

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Make More with the built-in affiliate module!

Yes, MemberPortal Pro comes with an affiliate module that will let you transform all your members as an affiliate.

Gain visibility on your page. How often have you reached out to people to promote your site. It is always complicated to track the sales from the reference or to credit your student for the same.

Share unique affiliate links and automatically track which one of your member has brought the sale.

Decide from the 2 commission types that you can offer. Either as a percentage that you set or as a flat fixed fee for individual sales

Track your sales from the affiliate dashboard and check out the numbers on real time. Managing your affiliates never got this easier.

Inflated Membership Fees?
Not anymore!

Why pay more when you can get the same at affordable prices? Now you can add more members to your membership portal with the Pro version. With this upgrade, you can add an additional 10000 members inside your portal. This is apart from the 10000 members you have already received in the Basic version. You will not be able to upgrade at this price at a later date.

The Potential just got Bigger!

You’ve seen, in the previous page, how easy it is to design membership sites from scratch. With these additional features, it just got better. No hassles, headaches, or expensive designers. Brain. Dead. Simple.

Import Videos

Now you can automatically load videos when you load them on YouTube or Vimeo. You can search by Keywords or channel names and create all of your videos from YouTube/Vimeo directly into Modules

Your Dashboard. Your Language

With the pro feature, you can now have your platform on any language. MemberPortal supports Cyrillic, Devanagari and also all the RTL (Scripts with Right to Left like arabic, hebrew etc.,) languages! You can customize the whole portal in your language. Every one of your Memberships sites can be in a different language now so you can target global markets too!

Automated Gamification

You already have the basic Gamification. But with advanced Gamification, you can now automate the whole process. Set goals and tasks and the badges will be automatically awarded when the set milestones are completed.

The Potential just got Bigger!

You can now automatically award badges when your customer...
Watches Videos
Downloads resources
When someone comments, you can automatically add points to them.
When your member likes a comment
When somebody posts video testimonials that you can use on your sales page.
When your user gives written testimonials that you can share on the sales page or to

4 New Ways To Get Paid...

It’s not just PayPal, Stripe, and JVZoo. With the Pro version you can also add Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart, Warrior Plus, and Zaxaa as well.
More Options for you!

MemberPortal Membership Exchange

With MemberPortal Pro you can now import, export, and exchange your Membership funnels. This puts an entire world of flexibility and creativity in your hands. You can collaborate with other MemberPortal users and use their beautiful, highly engaging designs inside your own MemberPortal portal. They simply click the ‘export’ button, download the file, and it can be used in any MemberPortal portal in just a few clicks.

Even more High Converting
"Battle Tested" Sales Page Themes!

You get to choose from more than 5 already ‘battle tested’ sales pages. They’ve been proven to convert over and over again across over 17 different niche markets. This one ‘tool’ built-in to the MemberPortal Pro platform will save you more time and money than any other tool you’ve ever used for your membership sites.

Why Do Experts And Authority Figures Around This World Depend On This Membership Platform..?

Most membership sites are not only expensive but they make it difficult and time consuming to add products, and get new courses added.

The WordPress plugins have never been truly stable when it comes to membership sites, and the only alternative is the high priced 'commercial services'.

With MemberPortal Pro you can save yourself a lot of hassle by having access to the World’s Greatest Membership Platform that is simple, easy to use, and makes monetization a breeze.

You focus on developing the content for your courses and MemberPortal will act dependable content delivery platform.

At first, we weren’t going to make this revolutionary technology available to the public. But decided it’s too powerful a tool not to share with MemberPortal customers.

The catch? This offer is only being made to you one time, and that’s today and right now. This is your one and only chance to access the unique technology that’s going to make everything you do on your membership site easier, faster and more profitable.

100% 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

When you act today, you’re also covered by our unconditional, 100% money back 30 day guarantee. There’s absolutely zero risk to you.

Top notch support that we’re famous for!

If for any reason you’re not blown away by the cutting edge technology that we have built into MemberPortal Pro just send an email to our ‘Customer Success Team’ they will help you get it resolved in record time.

If for any reason that you are not completely thrilled with your MemberPortal Pro experience simply let us know, and we will issue you a refund.

Plus, we can still part as friends.

What could be more fair than that?

MemberPortal Pro

Billed Annually

Remember, you won’t see this offer ever again. And because this technology is patent pending, you won’t be seeing similar versions under different names being released any time soon. This is your only chance to literally leverage the entire internet for personal profit. You know what to do.

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