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With 'MemberPortal Agency' you can use our membership platform to
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When we first created MemberPortal we had no intention of offering an Agency license for our app... We did it in previous apps and it was almost too valuable to offer at any price.

However, when Beta customers started to use the platform, they were blown away.

We were flooded with requests from beta customers saying.

"I would love to be able to sell this to my clients..."

So, we got together and talked about it and we decided to open a few spots, for a very limited time, of our Agency license... Exclusively for our early adopters who buy during this launch

You've seen all the amazing features. You've seen how you can create beautiful, monetised membership sites in under 30 minutes. Now you can sell this very same app to YOUR customers. With features like this, you know they will happily pay you for this, with none of the hassle you'd usually expect with setting up something like this.

In short - MemberPortal does the work, you take the profit. It will never gete asier than this.

To do this yourself, you'd need to drop a few grand to a designer AND a developer. It would take weeks. You can forget that with MemberPortal.

We save you time, we save you money and we open up a market that was previously totally closed off to you.

This is an opportunity you want in on, right?

Well, now you can get it. But let's recap what MemberPortal Agency includes first:

Let's take a moment and walk you through what 'MemberPortal Agency' includes and this is based on the questions we got from our beta users:
What is this Agency version for?
With this Agency Level Access, you are provided the rights to offer Membership services to your clients using MemberPortal
How do I use this?
You can build and manage the entire membership portal of your clients. You can load this portal with their content and assist them with having their own membership platform.
What version does my client have?
Your clients will have the pro features of EverLesson. You will manage the membership for your clients. You will have an option to single sign on to their account that you create for them and can do all their 3rd party Integrations in there.
How many clients can I add?
You can add upto 20 clients. For every additional client, you can reach out to our support desk and we will get it done for you. An additional client is charged at $47 per month.
How many additonal members limit do I get with the Agency Version?
With this access, you can add extra 20000 members to your EverLesson portal
How many members can my clients create?
Your client can add up to 1000 users in their membership site.
What if I want to add more clients to a portal?
For accommodating more clients into the portal, you can reach out to our support desk and we will get it done for you. An additional client is charged at $47 per month.
Do my clients get a dashboard?
No, your clients do not get a dashboard. You can just share the link of the url for your clients. You can pass on all the information from your dashboard.
How long is this offer valid?
This is very limited offer that we are offering only for our charter customers. Once we reach 100 Agency Members we will be closing it and we will never open this again
What if I want to add more members?
You can reach out to our support desk for purchasing member packs

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